Honors-Board for Sri Lanka’s Best Launched

From monumental ancient dagabas to spectacular sky-scrapers, Sri Lanka has, down through the ages, shown a penchant for awe-inspiring architecture and engineering, standing tall for a tiny Indian-ocean island. And for the first time in history, Sri Lanka creates an honors-board, paying tribute to the most majestic, the most gravity-defying and the most dazzling.

Sri Lanka Skyline by the Ministry of Megapolis & Western Development presents Sri Lanka Skyline Awards 2017. Here are the categories:


A special Jury of eminent industry professionals including the Heads of national bodies related to construction and development will be appointed by Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Megapolis & Western Development and winners announced at the Awards Night.

  • Tallest Structure
  • Tallest Building
  • Tallest Living Space
  • Tallest Hotel
  • Most Futuristic Building Design
  • Best Commercial Space
  • Best Green Building
  • Best Building below 10 Floors
  • Best Building below 20 Floors
  • Best Interior Designer
  • Young Architect of the Year
  • Architect of the Year
  • Developer of the Year
  • Most Iconic Project of the Year
  • Best Service Provider
  • Best Infrastructure Development
  • Sri Lanka Hall of Fame
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Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development, unveiling the unique Golden Wheelbarrow award to mark the launch of Sri Lanka Skyline Awards.


Each category winner will be presented with a trophy and a certificate.

Important Notice

The organizing committee which includes the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development has decided to hold the National Skyline Awards ceremony alongside the official opening of the iconic Lotus Tower. The date will be announced in due course.

Colombo Among The World’s 5 Most Improved Cities

Colombo isn’t just on the list of the world’s most livable cities but is among the 5 most improved cities over the last five years. The Global Livability Report 2017 ranks it at 124th but the fact that it is even on the list 140 cities considered important enough is an accolade considering that many countries don’t even make the list and big guns enjoy more than one city on the list.

“London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Hong Kong and Beijing are going down the ranks while Sri Lanka scales higher, even though at a snail’s pace.”

The news is that London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Hong Kong and Beijing are going down the ranks while Sri Lanka scales higher, even though at a snail’s pace. The top most improved cities joining Colombo are

Dubai, Harare, Tehran and Abidjan, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The index is measured out of 100 and considers 30 factors spanning safety, health care, educational resources, infrastructure and the environment with 140 cities chosen to complete the list. Colombo scores 51 as it shows slow progress that seems significant considering that some of the world’s bigger and better known cities are going down. A fifth of 140 countries surveyed has shown a decline in status.

according to the Economist Intelligence Unit
Rank City Country
1 Dubai United Arab Emirates
2 Harare Zimbabwe
3 Tehran Iran
4 Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire
5 Colombo Sri Lanka

Source: The Global Livability Report 2017

Over 95% Of Sri Lanka’s Top Office Space Occupied!

Sri Lanka’s A grade office space is nearly bursting at the seams with 95% of the available 1 million square feet being already occupied. As more local firms seek to move up the demand for office space is expected to grow, according to Jones Lang LaSalle, a renowned global property expert. In a special report the firm says that the demand is expected to surge for residential and retail space as well.

“It will be a long wait of over 25 years for the jewel of all real estate projects, Colombo Financial Center, better known as Port City to open its doors to its new residents.”

There’s further welcome news to developers as the report suggests that Sri Lanka is outperforming regional markets showing improvements in ease of approvals and processes which have been seen as a major stumbling block in the past.

Market analysts observe a major boon in real estate investment but according to the firm Foreign Direct Investment is at a subdued level. ”Limited but notable downside risks”, the company observed.

Meanwhile, Colombo’s skyline is dotted with dozens of iconic new developments, suggesting that the country is experiencing its biggest real estate bloom in history. It will be a long wait of over 25 years for the jewel of all real estate projects, Colombo Financial Center, better known as Port City to open its doors to its new residents. But a dozen other spectacular developments are beginning to shine at a frantic pace.

World’s Second Tallest Structure for Over 1000 Years

Believe it or not, Sri Lanka’s own Jetavanaramaya was the world’s tallest non-Pyramid structure for over thousand years, a singular feat of monumental proportions that should make the Stupa an international icon of all times.

Standing at 400ft in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, Jetavanaramaya was sanctioned by King Mahasena (271 - 301) and along with Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria was hailed as the world’s tallest (the exact height of the lighthouse is debated) for more than a millennium, just below the height of the great Pyramids.

Incredibly, Jetavanaramaya reigned supreme as Sri Lanka’s tallest structure from 305BC to 1996 when the World Trade Center dwarfed the ancient wonder at 499ft. Lovamahapaya of King Dutugemunu fame was the country’s first super structure and the tallest till Jetavanaramaya passed it for height.

The most unusal Spot in Colombo Skyline

Right under the nose of some of Colombo’s tallest building is, perhaps, the strangest little cottage of the country, if you could call it that. It was home for no less than Sri Lanka’s last King and the Queen and is perched in a corner of the grounds of Ceylinco House, the tallest building in Sri Lanka for quite some time. But as fate would have it, it was a little prison cell that was used to house the royal couple

as they waited to be deported to India.

King Sri WickramaRajasinghe ruled the Kingdom of Kandy from 1798 to 1815 before he was captured by the British. The King died later as a prisoner in 1832 in India. The strange little cell mutes testimony to their cruel fate but few visitors to the plush area have even a clue as to the historic significance of this quirky little concrete hut.

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What does a skyline really say?

Have you ever thought of what a skyline say about a city or a country? Dictionary says it's an outline of land and buildings defined against the sky. Today, when we speak of a country or a city, the first impression that comes to the mind is its skyline or a landscape that lends the place a unique identity. Each skyline is unique to the destination. It's more like having a unique identity.

Dubai's spectacular skyline (Pic from Pintrest)

From Dubai to New York, and many metropolises in between, the skyline is made memorable by mankind's insatiable hunger to design taller and more breathtaking skyscrapers that make their own city stand taller. In fact, the skyline is today the best barometer of a destination's economic growth and lifestyle. Some cities or countries look to natural or historic landmarks for inspiration with just one spectacular or unique structure or landmass giving a perfect picture postcard.

New York Skyline (Pic from Enpundit)

While ancient or natural wonders have for centuries given Sri Lanka its picture postcards, a fast-changing city skyline is finally helping Sri Lanka look like a modern city offering a kaleidoscope of opportunity for people looking for living, working and leisure space. From futuristic architectural design to new urban space inspired from the old, Colombo is raising its profile in style. Few projects outside the city point to the future.

Sydney Opera House is Australia's No. 1 landmark (Pic from Darrel Gulin)

Sri Lanka Skyline is the island nation's first directory of its skyline. It does help investors see and compare developments; visitors find places of their kind and help create new opportunity. But first of all, it is a showcase of Sri Lanka's growing economic identity set against its own skyline.

Rendezvous on Galle Face Green!

Sri Lanka's electronic and print media turned up at Galle Face Green as the ‘Golden Wheelbarrow’ was unveiled by Minister of Megapolis & Western Development Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka with the Minister leading the transformation of the country's skyline assuring of great things to come. Some 16 Wheelbarrows, the award itself making news, will be presented to movers and shakers of Sri Lanka's rapidly

transforming skyline at the inaugural awards ceremony slated for November.

Speaking to the media at the launch Mr. Dinesh Watawana, the Lead Consultant on the project said that the iconic awards will spur investors and developers to greater heights as an ambitious mega development plan of the Ministry of Megapolis & Western Development goes into full swing.

Attention Developers!

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Editor's Note

Sri Lanka Skyline is the country's only directory of real estate projects that define Sri Lanka's growing landscape. While every endeavor is made to verify accuracy and to include all notable projects, inadvertent errors may occur.

If any photo/info credit has not been given due to oversight, kindly bring it to our notice.